SDG-Related Initiatives

As a metal jointing material manufacturer,
we can also contribute to sustainability.

Nihon Superior aims to help achieve the SDGs, which are shared goals of the global community, through the development, manufacture, and marketing of solders and brazing alloys with a reduced environmental impact.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are common goals for the global community that were established in the September 2015 UN summit. The summit set 17 goals toward creating a prosperous and vibrant future, and initiatives are being carried out across the globe to achieve them by 2030.

Product-Related Initiatives

Our silver-free, lead-free, and halogen-free solder products eliminate the need for substances harmful to the environment and human health, thereby contributing to the reduction of our environmental impact.


Launched SN100C, a leading lead-free brand that serves as an international standard, and silver-free SN100CV.

We provide low-temperature-mounting solders that reduce the energy necessary for mounting, as well as solders that extend the service life of soldering tips. These products help conserve energy and resources.


Released TempSave, a low-temperature-mounting solder that saves power during mounting operations.

Our bobbinless solder eliminates the need for plastic solder reels, which helps address the issue of microplastic marine pollution.


Released Bobbinless Solder Wire that does not include plastic reels, which typically produce a huge amount of waste.

Other Business-Related

By enabling each and every employee to work under fair working conditions and enjoy a good work-life balance, among other measures, we strive to create an employee-friendly environment open to diversity. This will serve as a foundation for sustainable company growth.

We disseminate knowledge about metal bonding materials through seminar services for sharing soldering-related knowledge, activities aimed at analyzing and identifying causes of malfunction, and other efforts, on a global scale.

We support the development of industrial infrastructure by creating new highly functional products in the metal bonding materials sector, which is used in various industries.