Since its establishment in 1966, NIHON SUPERIOR has continued to lead the industry in the field of soldering and brazing.
We will continue to develop superior products under the themes of globalization and the environment.

May 1966

Mr.Toshiro Nishimura, Chairman, has established NIHON SUPERIOR company to market the products of Superior Flux Mfg., & Co., Ohio, U.S.A., imported through Matsushita Electric Trading Co.,Ltd.

December 1966

Started distribution of the products (brazing alloys) of Unibraze, U.S.A.



February 1967

Started distribution of the products of Gasflux Co., U.S.A.

September 1969

Started distribution of the products of Multicore Solders Ltd., England.

November 1969

Completed construction of a new main office building at Mondo Okada-Cho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.


February 1970

Concluded agency agreement with Matsushita Electric Trading Co.,Ltd. for distribution of the related products imported from overseas by it in the market of South East Asian countries including Japan.


May 1971

Installed a new type of wire forming machine to produce brazing materials for gas brazing. The sales of formed brazing materials have increased.



November 1972

Completed the construction of company dormitory and warehouse in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture.

September 1974

Established Superior Kogyo Co.,Ltd. as a subsidary company in order to form brazing alloy.


February 1977

Moved main office to Esaka Building of Matsushita Electric Trading located at Suita, Osaka. Completed construction of Distribution Center at Suita.

March 1977

Opened Tokyo Branch.



September 1978

Completed the construction of No.2 warehouse at the Esaka Distribution Center.

November 1981

Started distribution of Micro Welder of MIG.O.MAT Schweissmachinen GmbH, West Germany.

December 1981

Started distribution of Relmatic Torch of Sauvageau, France.


April 1982

Completed Tsuyama Factory in Okayama Prefecture.



August 1983

Opened Nagoya Sub-branch.


December 1984

Developed soldering materials with Cannon, Inc.

March 1985

Developed NS Brand Oxide-Free Solder Paste.

November 1985

Conpleted construction of R&D building at Tsuyama Factory.


August 1987

Started to sell a patented low melting point alloy.

November 1987

Moved Distribution Center and Superior Kogyo Co., Ltd to Toyonaka-City to expand the activities.


February 1988

Established NIHON SUPERIOR Trading (S) Pte. Ltd. in Singapore as a joint company with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.


May 1989

Completed construction of new main office building (NS Building) at Esaka, Suita.



May 1990

Completed construction of additions to Tsuyama Factory and company dormitory in Okayama Prefecture.


October 1992

Started to sell a patented thermal fatigue resistant alloy.

January 1993

New no-clean flux developed in partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. called the NS-501 series. Marketing begins.

November 1993

Started to manufacture solder paste at NIHON SUPERIOR Trading (S) Pte. Ltd.


October 1995

Established NIHON SUPERIOR (M) Sdn.Bhd. in Malaysia.



March 1997

Established Kyu Tai Industrial Co.,Ltd. in Taiwan as a joint company.

June 1998

Concluded license agreement with Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc. for production of Lead-free solders(Sn-Ag-Cu) and started manufacturing & sales of SN96CI.


March 1999

The VCR Division of Matsushita Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. announced the adoption of NIHON SUPERIOR’s patented Lead-free solder SN100C for mass production.



October 2000

Established NIHON SUPERIOR (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

March 2001

Entered into a business arrangement for the manufacture of SN100C with Thailand Smelting & Refining Co., Ltd., a leading tin refiner.

October 2001

Established NIHON SUPERIOR (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. in China and started manufacturing and sales of Solder Paste.


February 2002

Agreement with Balver Zinn Josef Jost GmbH Co.KG (Germany) for the production and sales of Lead-free Solder SN100C.

May 2002

Agreement with DKL Metals Ltd. (UK) for the production and sales of Lead-free Solder SN100C.

August 2002

Certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard in Japan.


July 2003

Agreement with Florida CirTech Inc. (Colorado, U.S.A.) for the production and sales of lead-free solder SN100C.

August 2003

Set the arrangement to increase the capacity of manufacture of lead-free solder in NIHON SUPERIOR (M) Sdn. Bhd. by the joint venture with its partner, Balver Zinn Josef Jost GmbH & Co.KG.

December 2003

Established NIHON SUPERIOR (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.


January 2004

Established NIHON SUPERIOR (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China.

June 2004

Mr. Tetsuro Nishimura took up the position of president, and Mr. Toshiro Nishimura took up the position of chairman.

June 2004

Opened a technical center at the Osaka Head Office.

August 2004

Certified to the ISO9001 Quality Management System Standard in Japan.



March 2005

Received the Excellence Award at the 15th New Business Awards.

February 2006

Established NIHON SUPERIOR USA,Llc. in the United States of America.

July 2006

Established NIHON SUPERIOR (Hong Kong) Ltd. in Hong Kong.

September 2006

Completed construction of Osaka Distribution Center, R&D Center, and Toyonaka Factory in Toyonaka.


February 2010

Established NIHON SUPERIOR (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Indonesia Representative Office in Indonesia.

May 2010

Established Representative of NIHON SUPERIOR (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Hanoi in Vietnam.



June 2011

Established NIHON SUPERIOR (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Dongguan Branch in China.

July 2012

Established NIHON SUPERIOR Centre for Manufacture of Electronic Materials (NS CMEM) at University of Queensland.


February 2013

NIHON SUPERIOR and University of Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) to cooperate on joint research of lead-free solder development.

September 2013

Established Research & Development (R&D) Center at NIHON SUPERIOR (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.


May 2014

Established NIHON SUPERIOR Asia Sdn. Bhd. (NSA) in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

August 2014

The composition pf lead-free solder SN100C was registered in the ISO 9453 - Soft solder alloys.


October 2016

President Tetsuro Nishimura received an honorary doctorate from University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP).



June 2018

The high-strength, silver-free lead-free solder SN100CV developed by NIHON SUPERIOR received the Weldong Featured Invention Award from the Japan Welding Engineering Society.


November 2019

Launching initiatives to achieve the SDGs.

June 2022

TempSave B37, low-melting point, lead-free solder, developed by NIHON SUPERIOR receives the Welding Featured Invention Award again from the Japan Welding Engineering Society.