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Solving the problem with high Bi Sn-Bi alloys

As electronic products become smaller and thinner and have higher performance, components with lower heatproof temperature have come to be used. Such a tendency is not irrelevant to solder materials, and there has been an urgent need to develop low-melting-point solder materials that can be mounted at a lower temperature than conventional lead-free solder materials. Our fully prepared TempSave B37 P610 D4 not only enables lower temperature mounting but also greatly improves the impact resistance that has been a problem for Sn-Bi low-melting-point solder materials.
  • Comparison of the Initial Conditions SEM images of fracture section after the ball shear test

    In TempSave B37 more of the crack propagation is through the ductile matrix than the brittle Bi phase so it is more resistant to failure in impact loading

  • Effect of Ageing Ball Shear Test Results

    TempSave B37 maintains its strength and ductily even after aging at 80˚C/ 100hours