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High resistance to cracking

In recent years, lead-free solder materials have been required to have excellent thermal cycle resistance. Hard alloys are preferred because they become less deformed during thermal cycles, but due to their hardness, they cannot absorb forces such as impacts, and the applied forces can apply damage to the joint interface portions and components, causing cracks. LF-C2 has alloy characteristics with excellent heat cycle resistance by optimizing the balance of strength. It also reduces void generation, which is one of the issues of surface mounting.

LF-C2 has a higher shear strength than SAC305 and suppress the generation of cracks

  • Shear Strength Retention 2000 cycles: Higher strength retention!
  • Resistance to Cracking No cracking after 2000 cycles

Significant void reduction!

  • Incidence of Voiding

    Significant Void Reduction !
    Observation Method : X-ray transmission imaging at solder joints
    Test Component (left) : R3216
    Test Component (right) : QFP (10 mm) thermal land

  • Melting Point Comparison

    Peak reflow temperature lower than SAC305.