< Product > General-Purpose, Lead-Free, Flux-Cored Solder

Notable features are flux spattering prevention and improved wetting

This general-purpose, lead-free, flux-cored solder has improved soldering workability and the post-mounting finish.
It reduces flux spattering, improves wetting, and melts quickly, and can be used for automatic sequential soldering by a machine. It exhibits excellent wetting with not only Cu but also Ni. 

Flux spattering evaluation: " Reduces Flux Spattering in Various Temperature Ranges "

  • Test Method (additional soldering process)

    The test was conducted assuming an additional soldering process for repairing a component for which a sufficient amount of solder could not be secured during wave soldering. The product was evaluated at temperatures of 350°C and 380°C.
    (Left) Photo taken in the actual test
    (Right) Shape of the soldering tip used in the test

  • Test Results and Test Conditions

    Solder : SN100C (033)
    Supply Smount : 6.4 mm (wire diameter ⌀ 1.0 mm)
    Supply Speed : 20 mm/s
    Number of Tested Items : n = 5
    Temperature Setting : 350°C, 380°C

Comparison of red eye generation (comparison of wetting) : " Good wetting prevents red eyes "

  • Testing Method

    Performed soldering at 30 sections at a speed of 0.5 sec per section and counted the number of red eyes.

  • Comparison of Number of Generated Red Eyes (soldered sections: 30)

    Solder : SN100C (033)
    Supply Amount : 6.4 mm (wire diameter ⌀ 1.0 mm)
    Supply Speed : 12.8 mm/s
    Temperature Setting : 380°C
    Evaluated Circuit Board : Paper Phenol PCB
    Land Diameter : 3 mm